Maverick the Mini Goldendoodle

Maverick is our little fur baby, my shadow, and the best snuggler ever. It’s been almost exactly ONE year since we brought him home and we don’t know what we would do without him. I mean really?! Just look at that face! 

We were planning on getting a dog last summer when we had more time and then there was Maverick. On our way home from Indy Trade Show last March, I was looking at Goldendoodles (which I was doing quite often) and it just happened that our Maverick was very much discounted because the breeder’s family continued to pass around the flu when it was time for him to go to his forever home. When he picked him up he was 16 weeks, so he was significantly older. I was excited that he was a bit older because we missed quite a bit of typical puppy behavior. And you know how I love a good deal, it was just too good to pass up. I contacted the breeder and we picked him up the next week.

I only had a week to prepare, which was a crunch for me. I am a researcher and I wanted the best for our baby dog. I thought I was prepared, I had every toy imaginable, lots of treats, food, a cute collar, and leash. I was not as prepared as I thought. I planned out how we were going to crate train him, navigate baseball season, work around our work schedule, and potty train him. A week later we were puppy parents and picked him up on March 14th! Schools went virtual on Wednesday, March 17th, so Brandon and I were home with him until we started school back in person in August. So we unintentionally got a quarantine puppy and it was the best decision ever!

I feel like getting Maverick was a great way to experience a small example of what it’s going to be like having a child one day. He listens (sometimes), he does tricks, he knows our schedules and adapts when we have crazy weeks and he is the best part of our family!! We just love our little Maverick! He makes our life so much more fun! And you can already tell he has photographer child syndrome because he hates having his picture taken!

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