2021 Salisbury Tournament Championship

Cairo Bearcats defeat the Salisbury Panthers 63-54 to win the championship game of the 2021 Salisbury Tournament. Let’s first put this out there I am not a reporter. I do not have much knowledge about the game of basketball and I think that gives me an advantage. I could care less about basketball. What I do know is that I love capturing the emotion of the game. The expression on the player faces on the court or the bench, and the reaction of the fans (those are typically my favorites). There is a good chance that I won’t remember the number of points on the board, so please don’t ask. I wouldn’t be able to tell you any game specifics, such as assists, rebounds, blocks, or fouls. I will remember that feeling when I get the “perfect” shot.

Saturday evening I finally went over and watched the boys play in the 2021 Salisbury Tournament championship. Salisbury High School’s new gym is one of my favorite gyms in my area to shoot in. I love that it pushes me out of my comfort zone. The baseline is large and they have a movable goal which makes me feel like I am shooting college basketball. Also, a large baseline gives lots of room for cheerleaders to spread out which allows me to explore different angles that I normally wouldn’t use. The large baseline does have some disadvantages. I had a much higher chance of getting ran over because my view on the baseline was blocked by the standing goal. Luckily I was only run over twice during the game, so I am going to call that a win.

Not only did I have a win for the night, but the Cairo Bearcats did too! I think 2021 Salisbury Tournament Champions sound pretty great!

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